About Me

I am a 21-year old student from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

I am a 4th-year undergrad at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayag├╝ez (UPRM) studying physics and mathematics. My goal is to pursue graduate studies and focus on theoretical research for Beyond Standard Model physics.


(UPRM CMS High Energy Physics Group)

January 2020 - Present
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez's Compact Muon Solenoid Research Group. The group is working on Supersymmetry searches and Beyond Standard Model Physics. It is also playing a key role in the CMS Pixel Detector which is the tool for a fast online tracking in the High Level Trigger (HLT) for primary vertex reconstruction, electron/photon identication, muon reconstruction, tauquark identication and b-quark tagging which are pre-requisites for future discoveries at the LHC.